Beau Crabill Explains becoming an authorized Apple Re-Seller on Amazon

Posted by ALGO™ Team on Nov 28, 2018 2:02:54 PM

This month, Amazon and Apple reached a new deal that will expand the official Apple product offerings on

ALGO™ Online Retail founder, Beau Crabill explained what this new deal means for third party sellers in a recent YouTube Video. 

According to Beau Crabill;

  1. Authorized sellers are now officially allowed to sell all Apple products on (except Apple's HomePod smart speaker)
  2.  Apple will be working with Amazon to build official product listing for Apple Products (authorized third party sellers will be able to list under these listing)
  3. Amazon will not have an exclusive rights to sell Apple products on Amazon and will let third party sellers sell Apple
  4. Becoming an authorized re-seller of Apple on Amazon is do-able but not easy. Beau is an authorized re-seller of Apple products (it will take at least 6 months to get authorized to sell Apple products) 

In the video, Beau also explains the criteria for becoming an authorized Apple Re-Seller on Amazon...

Step 1: Work with an Authorized Apple Supplier (that sells other electronics too) for at least six months to build a relationship with them. 

Step 2: Ask the supplier to offer you an Apple Authorization Application (after working with them for at least 6-months)


Beau Crabill is one of the few authorized re-sellers selling Apple products on Amazon and the foremost expert on the subject. If you want to learn from Beau, he is hosting Free Online Workshop this month. 

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