Beau Crabill Explains How To Understand Price And Sales Rank Changes During The Holidays

Posted by ALGO™ Team on Oct 31, 2018 8:00:00 AM

While many online sellers understand that e-commerce sales increase during Q4, they fail during this period because they make mistakes like ordering too many products, selling products at a loss, or sitting on the sidelines and not even preparing for the sales rush. 

To help online sellers, Beau Crabill (Founder of ALGO™ Online Retail) made a four part video series on Q4 online selling.

In Part Two of Beau's Holiday video series, he explains how to understand price and sales rank changes on Amazon during the Holidays

In this video Beau takes you through some real life examples to show you how prices and sales rank can change over the year. He also shows you what tools and data you can use to take action during the Holidays. 


Watch the entire video on the Beau Crabill YouTube Channel



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