Holiday Preparation For Your Online Business With Beau Crabill

Posted by ALGO™ Team on Oct 28, 2018 5:14:18 PM

Beau Crabill's 4 Part Holiday Special For Online Sellers

The holiday season can be very important for your business because a huge revenue increase happens in the e-commerce space during Q4.

We just entered Q4 in October and as November and December roll around you can
expect sales to increase.

While many online sellers understand that e-commerce sales increase during Q4, they fail during this period because they make mistakes like  ordering too many products, selling products at a loss, or sitting on the sidelines and not even preparing for the sales rush. 

To help online sellers, Beau Crabill (Founder of ALGO™ Online Retail) made a four part video series on Q4 online selling. 

Part I: What Types Of Products Should Amazon Sellers Focus on During The Holidays? 

In the first part of his video series, Beau covers what types of products to focus on for the holiday season.

Part II: Special Product Research Methods Amazon Sellers Should Use During The Holidays 

In Part II, Beau dives deep into product research and how to change your product research methods and strategies to prepare for the holiday season.

Part III: How To Make Sure Your Products All Delivered To Amazon In Time For Holiday Shoppers

In Part III, Beau goes over guidelines to follow to make sure that your products gets sent into Amazon on the correct dates for the hottest season.

Part IV: What Amazon Sellers Should Do During The Holiday Season To Make Sure They Are Ready For The Rest of The Year

In Part IV, Beau will cover what to do when the holiday season is over.

Want to prepare your Amazon Business for the holidays? Check out the videos here:



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