What Products Should I Sell On Amazon?

Posted by ALGO™ Team on Nov 9, 2018 7:00:00 AM

What products should I sell on Amazon.com? 

This is a question, that beginner and advanced Amazon re-sellers ask themselves regularly. 

Should I sell toys on Amazon? Should I sell clothes on Amazon? Should I sell food on Amazon? Should I sell electronics on Amazon? 

Beau Crabill, founder of ALGO™ Online Retail, says that he will sell just about anything on Amazon as long as it meets some core requirements. 

Beau's Core Requirements to Determine What To Sell On Amazon: 

1. The product must already be selling on Amazon (ideally name brand)

2. You must make a profit after costs and fees (try to get at least 10% per month)

3. You need to buy from authorized suppliers (ideally legit US based suppliers)


So, what products should I sell on Amazon? Almost any product that people are buying, you can profit on, and that are from legit suppliers. 


Click here for a step by step video about what products you should sell on Amazon.


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